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Our Crêpes

Our crêpes are authentically French — they are recipes I learned from my grandparents who were from Bretagne, where crêpes are part of the traditional meal.

One of the recipes is actually GLUTEN FREE. A couple hundred years ago, some in France could not afford bleached flour, because it was very expensive. As a substitute, the French people used a dark, unbleached flour called sarrasin (buckwheat) which happened to be healthier than bleached flour and gluten free! We’d be happy to bring this original recipe to your party!

We also offer a great variety of ingredients for your crêpes, including meats (ham, turkey, bacon), cheeses (Swiss, Brie, Jack, Cheddar), eggs, tomatoes, spinach, mushroom, caramelized onion, Béchamel sauce (a delicious French sauce with nutmeg) and all the must-haves: strawberries, berries, bananas, Nutella, fresh whipped cream, fresh made custard, jams, toasted almonds and more!

We can also tailor your request to include salmon, shrimp, goat cheese… we can offer many more suggestions!

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